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Spatial Design & Research - Urban Planning
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Evangelina Guerra Luján (b.Mexico) is a spatial researcher and designer that has been operating internationally for almost a decade beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture and design; including alternative tools such as digital communication, creative direction, curatorial practices, graphic design, art and social participatory strategies. Her work often bridges object design, architecture, urban design/planning, engineering and social studies. Taking as point of departure an intense territorial diagnosis and recognition, Guerra Luján enables the formulation of strategies, projects and interventions of high social impact in the urban space.

She currently operates from two main platforms. The first one: a position as Project Director at CEISA Group (one of Latin America´s leaders since 1995 in large scale urban infrastructure planning, and financial-technical management). Evangelina coordinates and directs an interdisciplinary group dealing with Architecture, Urban / Social Design and Civic Affairs. The second one: As Creative Director of The Nomad Network: a research practice focused on cultural, social, political and other zeitgeist engaged in the production of new digital territories in contemporary society (she founded it in 2010 in Zürich, Switzerland). 

Previously, Evangelina held a position as researcher at the Institute for Design Research at the Zürich School of Arts. She worked as Spatial Researcher and Designer with Intégral Ruedi Baur Zürich and Paris, participating mainly in the development of “Evento: l'art pour une ré-evolution urbaine” a public art biennial in Bordeaux, France, under the curatorial direction of Michelangelo Pistoletto. Evangelina is the former Academic Coordinator at the School of Architecture & Industrial Design of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in León, México. Guerra Luján has also fulfilled positions such as full-time/guest professor, keynote speaker, critic and workshop leader and creative consultant at several internationally renowned schools including: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana and ITESM.


[2015] Specialization Degree in Ephemeral Architecture: Exhibition Spaces & Curatorial Practices /
-ELISAVA – Barcelona School of Design and Engineering / Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona, Spain.
[2010-2012] Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Sciences: Spatial Design (FH MAS) /
- Zürich School of the Arts (ZHdK). Zürich, Switzerland.
[2009] Postgraduate in Design, Art and Society: Actions on Public Space /
- ELISAVA – Barcelona School of Design and Engineering / Pompeu Fabra University.Barcelona, Spain.
[2003-2008] Architect (Major in Urban Design) /
-   ETSAV-UPC (Del Vallés Technical School of Architecture -Polytechnic University of Catalonia) & ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education). Barcelona, Spain; Mexico City, Mexico.